“From the initial contact to the last moments before a major deadline, Julie has been incredible to work with. She has an amazing voice, and the skill and diligence to shape it to the specifications of your project or direction. Each interaction has been one of utmost professionalism and poise. She genuinely cares how her efforts impact the project and goes to great lengths to contribute all of her impressive talent, passion and good humor to every aspect of her work. I plan to work with Julie on many, many more projects to come.”

– James Fox




“Julie was an absolute pleasure to work with – prompt, responsive, and professional. We hired her for a guided meditation recording, and her voice was perfect for the project – soothing, confident, and smooth. I would love to work with her again!”

– Tiffany Sun




“Need a great, professional voiceover for commercial? PSA? Instructional? Documentary? Julie Kaylin offers the flexibility to fit your media needs whatever they are. We worked with Julie for a ‘white board’ policy video that required somewhat of a technical tone, but also a strong sense of enthusiasm to appeal to a more general audience. Julie toed the line perfectly. Most importantly, we were working within a tight deadline and Julie came through quickly and efficiently. She was on standby for revisions, but we hardly needed to do any. Thanks Julie.”

– Marco Beghetto

Ontario Trucking Association



“This past fall I hired Julie for some voiceover work and she was absolutely fantastic to work with. She was so responsive from the very beginning even before I got the contract to do the video work. From the beginning Julie was quick to answer questions, give me estimates, and even sent me a sample of her previous work to include in my proposal and I believe it helped me stand out. Julie was just fantastic to work with and I would absolutely hire her again for another video. If you’re interested in voice talent who delivers great customer service then please explore Julie’s portfolio of work, you will be highly impressed.”

– Maria Tototzintle

Tequila Digital Media



“Julie is a professional in every sense of the word. She was quick to respond to emails, her product is quality and I would work with her again in a heartbeat. As a videographer and story-teller, Julie is a perfect addition to any voiceover needs I will have in the future!”

– Danny Kim




“Julie recently performed some voice-over work for an eLearning project being produced by my company. Overall her professionalism towards the task was excellent and the quality of the media we received was exactly what was needed. I very much appreciated her knowledge and skill set in audio production to ensure that the project delivered on impact and engagement. I would recommend Julie to other businesses and would work again in the future.”

– Chris Hodgson

Discover eLearning



Julie was a pleasure to work with. She quickly delivered a high-quality voice over for a website walkthrough video. Her voice is warm, friendly, and clear. Our whole team was really pleased with the end result. Thank you, Julie!

– Tom Charytoniuk,
Product Manager, Freshly



“Julie has been a pleasure to work with. Not only does she have a beautiful welcoming voice, but she is also very accommodating to our needs and the specifics of the project. She is a true professional and I would be delighted to work with her in the near future.”

– Damasia Ball

Bridger Conway



“Julie is great to work with. Easy to reach, even internationally, and is very professional. Julie will listen to your needs, present options and be flexible in providing great audio recordings. Not to mention of course she has a fantastic voice!”

– Nick Hillsdon

Big Cloud



“I met Julie when we had some serious short term deadlines for a video. Julie really helped us out rewriting our voice-over script and recorded and edited the voice-over on a really short notice. The thing I liked the most during our collaboration was that Julie was thinking along with us. Thanks for that Julie!”

– Frank Jonker




“I produce commercials for companies to utilize on social media portals, and I have worked with Julie several times. She’s my favorite go-to for voice overs because she gets into the energy of the script and soundtrack with different takes and feels to complete the vision that I’m relaying to the end users. And she has a great voice!”

– Djehwti Awsar El

Khemwest Media



“Working with Julie was a delight. I’m not very used to working with voice-over, and she was very helpful with the script and audio compressing. The result was a very high-quality deliverable; I couldn’t recommend her more.”

– Karla Lopez




“Julie was a pleasure to work with. She turned work around very quickly so we could meet our tight deadline, and she went out of her way to make sure key parts of the script were recorded exactly the way we wanted.”

– Eric Bjerstedt

GetSet Learning



“Julie was easy to work with and very directable. Her voice was perfect for the job we were producing. Having her own studio makes it easy for us to call and get a voice over quickly.”

– Kevin W. Martorana

Take One Productions



“I am so lucky to have found Julie for my art project. I needed a very special kind of voice to embody this work, and finding the right fit was difficult. Julie’s experience voicing meditation work was a perfect starting place for this project, then she was able to take it even further, showing a great deal of imagination and willingness to experiment with what was going to work best for my work. I really appreciated all the expertise and creativity she brought to the work. I look forward to the next project we’re able to do together.”

– Andy Graydon

Sound Artist



“Julie was fast and professional. Couldn’t be more happy with the voice on my 30 second promotional video. I will be hiring Julie again.”

– Andy Teel

LeTourneau University



“I produce corporate web videos for marketing and branding purposes. This was my first time using Julie for one of my videos, but it won’t be the last. Julie has a great voice and is very professional. I would be happy to work with her again in the future. If you need a female VO, I strongly recommend you consider Julie Kaylin.”

– Robert A. Perez

CineGate Media



“Julie is very professional and easy to work with. She handled our project with great talent and care. Most importantly she has a great voice! I would recommend her for anyone looking for quality voice work.”

– Steven D’Elia

Independent Producer



“We chose Julie to record a business voicemail message from over a dozen candidates because we liked her voice best. Her first recording was nearly perfect, and after providing feedback she recorded six different variations for us to choose from. She exceeded expectations and was a breeze to work with.”

– Rob B.



“Julie is exceptionally talented and very easy to work with. Delivers top quality voiceovers with a fast turnaround time. You will not be disappointed. Would be happy to work with her again.”

– Ryan Droege

Independent Producer



“Very professional, affordable, and sounds GREAT! Will be doing a lot of work with Julie.”

– Trevell Southall

TS Design Studio



“Julie performed a beautiful PSA for us and was a joy to work with. Her willingness to do what it takes to make our presentation sound perfect makes her a great person to work with. The name of our program is A Kind Voice, so it was perfect to have our PSA performed by someone with such a kind voice.”

– David Levins




“Julie Kaylin has loaned her professionalism and voice to two of the Villages PSA’s. With her assistance and comforting voice, many people have taken notice to the PSA’s that Julie has done voiceover work on. Julie’s quick response and turnaround of voiceover recordings makes creating such pieces a breeze. Julie is a true delight to work with.”

– Nicole Lewis

Village of Glendale Heights



“Julie, after working with you, I must say that you impress me. Your dedication to ‘up’ your game by further training your voice and enhancing your studio is notable. Your clients will be pleased! Hope to work with you again soon.”

– David Goldberg

CEO of Edge Studio